• 33 Lessons

    Drums Masterclass

    Get 6+ hours of game-changing drum training videos!
    You're about to get access to training that unlocks the secrets to world class drum tones!
    This is a step-by-step, "stage-to-sound-board" course that will make your church's drums sound amazing.
    And...we've partnered with one of the best drummers in the industry to teach you everything!
  • 35 Lessons

    EQ Secrets Masterclass

    Learn Everything About EQ This course will teach you everything you’ve ever wanted to learn about EQ for live sound. Parametric, Graphic, Dynamic, Digital, Analog…
  • 23 Lessons

    Sound Guy Essentials

    Learn how to create exciting, engaging, great sounding mixes… even if you're brand new to running sound! This course will take you from zero to hero as an audio tech for your church!

  • 23 Lessons

    X-32 Masterclass

    Want to unlock the full potential of your X-32?​​​ Mix faster, easier, and better this Sunday! In our 60+ video lessons, we deep dive in to EVERY feature of…