Drums Masterclass

Get 6+ hours of game-changing drum training videos!
You're about to get access to training that unlocks the secrets to world class drum tones!
This is a step-by-step, "stage-to-sound-board" course that will make your church's drums sound amazing.
And...we've partnered with one of the best drummers in the industry to teach you everything!

Meet Your Instructors:

Worship Sound Guy & Brandon Coker

Your about to get hands on mix training from Matt and Johnny from Worship Sound Guy specifically on the art of crafting amazing drum tones. Matt and Johnny will teach you EQ, Compression, Bus Processing, Effects Processing and more as they take you on a deep dive into the world of mixing drum. Are you ready to achieve your best drum mix ever?

Introducing: Brandon Coker

Brandon is one of the top drummers in the Worship & CCM communities. Over his 20+ years as a professional drummer, he’s toured with artists including Lauren Daigle, David Crowder, Matt Redman, Passion, Steve fee, Mac Powell, Aaron Shust, Northpoint Inside Out Band and MANY more. 
He’s toured the world, playing in venues of all sizes from sold out arenas to small churches, and most importantly he knows how to make drums sound great. And now… he’s teaching YOU!

What will you learn?

With over 6 hours of video, you’re getting an in-depth, step-by-step look at exactly how to get amazing drum tones for your church!

The course starts with Brandon explaining exactly how to set up and tune your drum kit. Great tone starts at the source, and Brandon will teach you exactly how to make any drum kit sound incredible! The knowledge you’ll gain in this section will change the way you look at your church’s drum kit forever.

Next, Johnny and Matt take over as we step behind the mixer and teach you exactly how to dial in your drum mix to work perfectly for your church. Whatever drum sound your after, you’re going to know how to get it after watching this course!

For more, check out the course curriculum below!

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Course Includes

  • 33 Lessons
  • 2 Topics