Sound Guy Essentials

Learn how to create exciting, engaging, great sounding mixes… even if you're brand new to running sound! This course will take you from zero to hero as an audio tech for your church!

Step-By-Step Training

This isn’t just a random collection of videos about live sound. This is a step-by-step method to mixing that we’ve developed over 30 years of combined live sound experience working with major touring artists and small churches alike. It’s our mission to help every church have great sound and you’re about to learn the key techniques we use every week to make it happen.

Analog? Digital? How about BOTH.

Unlike other courses, we don’t focus on a particular brand or kind of mixer. We’re here to show you the techniques that work in any mixing situation, regardless of what console you’re using. During the course we actually demonstrate a lot of the techniques on an analog mixing console, just to prove that these techniques will work on any mixing board you’ve got!

Hours of Content

When we started building this course, it was our mission to cover everything you’d need to get ahead in the world of church audio and to make your mix sound absolutely incredible. And that means… a ton of content. Our goal is for this course to prepare you for every church mixing situation you might run into, so that means we’re not stopping until we teach you everything. We’re showing you all the secrets we use when we mix every week. These are the techniques we’ve used mixing for all kinds of events, from huge festivals, major touring artists, and even the smallest backroad Baptist churches you can imagine. It’ll all work in any and every situation, and we’re showing it all to you!

Team Training

Got a team of sound engineers at your church? We’ve got you covered! Our Team Course Package includes logins for 3 additional users so you can get your entire team in the course.

We’ve seen such amazing results from churches who go through the course as a team. Imagine the difference for your church when every service sounds great regardless of who’s mixing and frustration between sound guys are completely eliminated when everyone on the team understands and follows a common goal and vision for your church’s audio production. 

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